Dolpa is located in the Shey Phoksundo national park of mid-western Nepal. It lies behind the Dhaulagiri massif, towards the Tibetan Plateau which consists of series of very high passes and is closed due to heavy snow most of the year. The Dolpa region is gifted with high passes, rare flora and fauna, sweeping vistas and rich traditional Tibetan culture. The shooting of popular film ”Caravan ” is done here and Dolpa or Dolpo was popularized by the film ”Caravan”. Generally the people of Dolpa settle at altitudes of 3,660 m to 4,070m and these settlement is regarded as one of the highest settlement in the world. There are 130 Gompas in Dolpa. The people of Dolpa is closely linked with Tibet, they speak Tibetan, maintain their Tibetan culture with monasteries. They follow closely Buddhism of Tibet.

Dolpa lies in the Restricted Areas. Therefore, trekkers require Trekking permit from the Department of Immigration and Trekkers need TIMS card as well.

Generally Dolpa treks starts from the Juphal and ends at Jomsom. The most convenient way to reach Dolpa is Flying Nepaljung-Juphal.
Dolpa falls among Restricted Areas. Therefore, trekkers require Trekking Permit from the Department of Immigration in addition to the TIMS card to trek to this region. Trekkers should be physically fit as there are long and strenuous stretches en route. 

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