Upper Mustang

Upper Mustang

Geographically, upper mustang is a part of Tibetan plateau. Therefore, in many ways, trekking in Upper Mustang is similar to Tibet. Before 1950, the district of Mustang was a separate Kingdom. In Lo Manthang, the last king, the Raja of Mustang has still his home. Before 15 years ago, upper mustang was opened to non- Nepali trekkers and still today there is a restriction to travel to upper Mustang. One has to travel north from Kagbeni to reach upper mustang. The trekkers need special trekking permit and trekkers should be accompanied by a government appointed officer.

Upper Mustang is suitable for trekking even during the monsoons as it lies in the Himalayan rain shadow. The upper Kali Gandaki valley is still quite dry with only occasional rainfall during the monsoon.

The highest point being reached in Mustang trek is only 3,800 meters but the conditions may be arduous. Mustang is generally cold in winter and is always dusty and windy through the year. The accommodation facilities above the Kagbeni is limited so the trekker should have enough food, fuel etc.

It takes a minimum of 9 days to complete this trek taking starting and ending point in Kagbeni. The route generally follows the Kali Gandaki valley but sometimes climbs high above the valley walls.

Lo Manthang, the old capital, is reached within four days and spending at least one extra day here gives opportunity to catch the sight and sound of this unique walled settlement.

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