According to the recent survey done by the central Bureau of Statistics Nepal, the population of Nepal is recorded about 26.62 million. The population comprises of about a 101 ethnic groups speaking over 92 languages. With the help of customary layout of the population, the distinction in caste and ethnicity is noticed as there are numerous dialects. Nepali serves as the lingua franca and it is also the official and national language of Nepal. English is spoken in many government and business offices.

Northern Himalayan People
The Tibetan-speaking groups namely Sherpas, Dolpa-pas, Lopas, Baragaonlis, Manangis live in the northern region of the Himalayas.. The Sherpas are mainly found in the east, Solu and Khumbu region. the Baragaonlis and Lopas live in upper and lower Mustang. Further, the manangis live in Manang district area and while the Dolpa-pas live in Dolpa district of West Nepal.

Middle Hills and Valley People
Different ethnic groups live in the middle hills and valleys. Magars, Gurungs, Tamangs, Sunuwars, Newars, Thakalis, Chepangs, Brahmins, Chhetris and Thakuris normally live in hills and valley. There are also occupational castes namely: Damai (tailor), Sarki (cobbler), Kami (blacksmith) and Sunar (goldsmiths).

Terai People
The main ethnic groups in the Terai are Tharus, Darai, Kumhal, Majhi and other groups. The speak north Indian dialects such as Maithili and Bhojpuri. Because of the fertile land, most of the inhabitants depends on agriculture. However, there are some occupational casted like Majhi ( Fisherman), Kumhal (potter) and Danuwar ( cart driver)

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