Tehrathum Sankhuwasabha


Basantapur which lies at the height of 2,200m is a gateway to Taplejung and Mt. Kanchenjungha. This area is famous for mountains and greenery. The weather in Basantapur is cool and temperate whole the year. The best time to visit Basantapur is in Spring and Autumn, between October-December or from February- April. Summers are pleasant with temperatures ranging from 10 to 20 degree Celsius while the winters are mild. This pleasant weather gives the opportunity to visit Basantapur round the year.

Tin jure
The Tin Jure Danda is located at the altitude of 3,066 m ridge. It is famous for the sunrise and sunset and panoramic view of the mountains. Altogether, thirty-four varieties of Rhododendron are found here. It takes half hour to reach Tin Jure Danda from Basantapur Bazaar.

There is abundant amount of Rhododendron along this Trail and this trail spreads across Taplejung, Terathum and Sankhuwasabha districts and it is also known as the Rhododendron trail. Hille located at the north of Dharan is a good place to start.

Gupha Pokhari
Gupha Pokhari is a natural pond that lies in the trekking trail to Taplejung from Basantapur. The Gupha Pokhari is culturally significant and it serves as the resting place for the trekkers to Taplejung.

It is a natural pond that lies on the trekking trail to Taplejung from Basantapur. Picturesque views of mountains, sunrise and sunset can be seen from here. This Pokhari (pond) is culturally significant and is also a good resting place for trekkers to Taplejung

On the way to Taplejung is another popular rhododendron forest known by the name of Milke Danda (2,905 m). Milke Danda provides a closer view of the Kanchenjunga and Kumbhakarna mountains and offers beautiful sunrise and sunset surprises when weather is clear. It is on the trekking trail between Taplejung and Basantapur Bazaar.

The another popular rhododendron forest also lies in the Milke danda which is also the gateway to Taplejung. From Milke danda closer view of Mt. Kanchenjungha and Mt. Kumbhakarna is seen.

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