Wildlife of Nepal is officially classified into two main categories namely: common and protected. Leopard, spotted deer, Himalayan tahr, blue sheep etc lies in the common category. These are usually seen in the wild. 26 Mammals, 9 birds and 3 reptiles are the protected species. These rare animals are restricted to their prime habitat. During the autumn and springs they can be seen in the specific protected areas. For a instance, Asiatic elephant can be seen in Parsa, Chitwan, Bardia, Shuklaphanta, Koshitappu.

There are 185 species of mammals found in various part of the country. Mostly in Nepal’s dense Terai Asiatic elephant, the one horned Rhinocereros, the Royal Bengal Tiger, leopard, Monkey, Langur, Hyena, Jackal, wild boar, Antelope, Wild Cat, Wolf, Sloth bear, Chital or Spotted deer and barking deer is found. In Koshi Tappu region Wild Buffalo called “Arna” is found. Similarly, in the Suklaphanta Swamp deer is found and in Bardia endangered blackbucks is found. Dolphins are found in fresh water of Narayani and Karnali rivers. Nepal’s himalayan region is also home to Snow leopard and the Red Panda. The Red Panda is usually found in Langtang region and Kanchenjungha region. Yak, Blue sheep, Himalayan tahr, Musk deer is usually found in high altitudes. In the Rara region Otters are found. Further, Dhorpatan hunting reserve is home of the blue sheep and Himalyan tahr.

Nepal has two indigenous species of crocodile: The marsh mugger which is omnivorous which eats anything it can catch and Gharial which eats fish which has long narrow snout. Cobras, kraits, vipers and the Indian Python are the snakes found in Nepal. Turtles and Monitor lizards are other reptiles found in Nepal.

There are around 850 recorded species of birds. Astonishingly, 50 percent of these birds can be seen in and around Kathmandu valley alone. Nagarjun, Godavari and Phulchowki are the popular bird watching areas. Phulchowki which is at 2,760m, about 90 bird species can be found. The endemic spiny babbler which was thought to be extinct until it was spotted in Nepal. Further, the red -headed trogan was also found here in April 2000.

A wide variety of birds can be found in Chitwan and Bardia. The Koshi Tappu region is home to a large species of resident and migratory birds. There are about 26 varieties of ducks alone. Nepal’s national bird called Danphe or Lophophorus is found in the Himalayan region.
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Please visit: (official web site of the Department of National Parks & Wildlife Conservation, Ministry of Forests & Soil Conservation).

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