Zip flying

Zip flying

The zip flyer in Nepal is new adventure activities based in Pokhara. It is the world’s longest, tallest, fastest and steepest zip line in the world. Zip Flyer is the most adventurous tourism product in Nepal.

The starting point of Zip flyer is Sarangkot at 1592m to Hemja valley and is 1860 meter long. The zip- flyers runs at the speed of 140 Kilometers per hours. It consists of a trolley mounted on a steel cable 1.8 km in length, the ride drops 600m vertically from the top of the Sarangkot hill, with resulting speeds of over 140 km per hrs. Your ride concludes with a break-activated landing on the high Ground Traingle in the village of Hemja amidst the Tibetan refugee camp.

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